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Doesn’t work anymore on Maverick

Since Maverick, the app doesn’t work anymore. You can click on the icon, but when you click in the window to get your Lipsum text, the app crash.

Crashes since the Mavericks update

It’s a great great app I use on a daily basis but it’s been crashing all the time since the Mavericks update.

Perfect app

great job, great app, perfect integration. Thanks.


the app works very nicely. good ergonomy. Should add an option to deactivate the sound, and a minimalist tutorial to explain the right click thing to get the html tags. good job !


Nothing left to say. Clean, simple, and really, really useful.

Crashed in Mavericks

Its broken in Mavericks!!!

good job

but, please integrate Shourt-Cuts to copie words, sentences and paragraphs quicker. At the moment it takes to mutch time to copy 3 oder more paragraphs. But all in all, its a great app and I use it almost every day as a Web Developer / Designer

Crashing 100% unless user changes OS settings

Was awesome with OS X 10.8, but it’s not working anymore with mavericks. You have to go to the applications folder, select it and open the info window, activate 32-bit mode. Then it works.

Finally back...

… on Mavericks! Thank you so much! :-) It’s a simple and beautiful app and does exactly what is is supposed to do.


…use it every day. it’s simple and awesome. I would be happy about a little yosemite love, though. The Icon could look better on the dark menubar.

Great app!

As a designer LittleIpsum is a great little app that quickly generates placeholder text for my designs and speeds up my workflow. Highly recommended!


I’m a graphic designer and I work with many applications which don’t all have the function to generate placeholder text. This app just does it perfectly.

Growl optionnal

Excellent app ! Just one thing (and it goes for any developpers) : Growl should never be enabled by default when you lauch the app for the first time. It should always remain optionnal, until you decide to use it. Aside from this minor detail, yeah, great app.

Great little app

Nice and simple. Out of my way, but always there. I use it a lot more than I thought. Great application.


Version 2 is amazing! simple, intuitive, & there at your fingertips.

Very Good

Nice - right there all the time. I like it.

Reliable and a great interface

For developers creating dummy content, this is a very valuable tool to have. The interface is unique and intuitive as well. One addition that would make it even more solid would be keyboard shortcuts so that the menu item doesnt have to be triggered with a mouse every time.

List / Bullet

It would be nice to have Lists (Bullet) option.

Neat little app!

Very nice little app, does exactly what it says its done. Well designed on all levels : intuitive to use, beautiful, etc. A developer & designer must have.

Crashes with OSX Mavericks!

Great app, but it’s crashing with OSX Mavericks! I remember they had this problem with Snow Leopard, and I hope they update it ASAP.

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